“I really really care about you.”
Becca Blackwell
I recently realized a very simple thing about myself. I am at my best and most excited about life when I am supporting Independent Performing Artists (IPAs). Myself Included. I love Actors, Circus Performers, Dancers, Solo Artists, Burlesque Performers, Comics and anyone else out there putting themselves in front of a live audience under the theatrical lights. I especially have an affection for those who are paving their own paths in the industry. The ones who are getting in through the back door. I want to support those artists.


I want to give to fundraising campaigns and attend shows. I want to create new projects and perform in old venues. I want to grab actors who are right on the edge of discovering themselves and give them that push and space they need to create that solo show that will show them the world outside of waiting on agents and audition lines. I don’t only want to provide space for them to create but I want to inspire them to promote and sell their creations. Build an audience, find a niche, rule the world! I want to march from behind the bar, out of the kitchen, past the telemarketing desk, over the receptionist counter, through the hostess station to a place where our income is generated only by our creative impulses.

We are Creative Entrepreneurs. There I said it. Why is it so difficult to think of ourselves this way? Why don’t we use more tools of the entrepreneur. We should be building businesses. I want to find ways to generate more income from our creations. I want to find more creative multiple streams of income.

There are many IPAs out there who do think like creative entrepreneurs. They have managed to find the delicate balance between creativity and profit. They are rocking it in very big ways! I want to find them and ask them questions.


There are a million and one ways to thrive as an IPA. What works for me might not work for you. This is the beautiful thing about working creatively that makes anything and everything possible. What if there was a common ingredient or a certain way of thinking, living and doing that thriving artists all share? What if? I want to uncover it. Information should be shared and new ways of sustaining a productive creative lifestyle should be discovered. I also want to share my own failures and successes in my attempt to be a creative entrepreneur because I truly believe that there is room enough for all of us. If my story can help an artist find inspiration or clarity then hooray! I want to be stronger in our business practices. I want us to not just survive, but to thrive.


There is at least one thing that all Thriving IPAs have in common and I’ve figured out ten different ways to say it. Click the ThrivingIPA button on the menu bar above and enter password–ithrive– to get the list. Have fun!

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