Diabolo Empire: A Conversation With Tony Frebourg About How He Turns His Ideas Into Serious Cash Flow.

My Conversation with juggler acrobat Tony Frebourg was at the very least inspiring. This very talented Independent Performing Artist has mastered the art of diabolo and generating income while he is sleeping.  What I love about Tony is that he is passionate about what he does and he is dedicated to improving his discipline for himself and others, all  while generating  hefty returns. He is a perfect example of how one can stretch beyond a specific talent and create a thriving creative career and lifestyle.20131007_150422DSC01549

My advice is to not judge and to just listen. Then ask yourself, “What can I do to improve my discipline for myself and others?”, “How can I use my ideas to generate income while I’m sleeping?” and “Do I have what it takes to go from just surviving to thriving?”. Of course you do!!  Write down three ideas that pertain to your talent, that could potentially become another stream of income. I wrote down:

(Listen to my conversation with Tony Frebourg by clicking below. The sound improves after the intro. Please don’t be stingy, share with others)

1. Self publish my play.

2. Create a DVD of my show.

3. Provide a space where artist can rehearse, perform and learn.

Which one of your ideas could allow you to earn income while you are sleeping? Make it happen. Can you imagine the amount of time freedom you would have if you earned most or some of your money while sleeping? Make that dream a reality.

If you are struggling with this idea of making money while you are sleeping and or you are interested in brainstorming this concept with other Thriving Artist in the world, join my Thriving IPA Mastermind by emailing me a request at Matlock@thrivingipa.com.

The Thriving IPA Mastermind is a private Facebook or Linkedin group made up of a group of performing artists who discuss, support and experiment with ways to make mutiple streams of income. We are in pursuit of  generating more income for more time freedom. Join in the fun.

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Check out Tony Frebourg by clicking here.

Look at some of Tony’s innovative products for Diaboloists.

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