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Taking Your Goods To The Market: A Chat With Shameless Performer AmyG

Photo By Jeff Cate
Photo By Jeff Cate
Photo By Jeff Cate
Photo By Jeff Cate



Finally, I was able to publish my first Thriving IPA Podcast of 2015! Yeah, Happy New Year!! I’m so excited to share the conversation I had with Independent Performing Artist Amy G.

In this episode you will hear Amy Gordon:

  • Reveal the key to booking her one woman show.
  • Expose one of Matlock’s childhood secrets.
  • Share the perfect investment advice that her Mother gave her when she was just starting her career.
  • Explain exactly how she launched her succesful crowd funding campaign.
  • Confess to what she would rather be doing.

Amy drops some serious knowledge about how to thrive as a performing artist. My advice is to listen and learn. Take what you need and throw the rest out the window. That is exactly what I did.  Enjoy!

Click here for more info about Amy Gordon

Click here for more info about Michelle Matlock

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Becca Blackwell
I recently realized a very simple thing about myself. I am at my best and most excited about life when I am supporting Independent Performing Artists (IPAs). Myself Included. I love Actors, Circus Performers, Dancers, Solo Artists, Burlesque Performers, Comics and anyone else out there putting themselves in front of a live audience under the theatrical lights. I especially have an affection for those who are paving their own paths in the industry. The ones who are getting in through the back door. I want to support those artists.